Research Protocol for the Suid Bokkeveld

This is a joint protocol for the Heiveld-Co-operative, Indigo development & change and the Environmental Monitoring Group.

If you are interested in conducting research in the Suid Bokkeveld, and intend to use contacts or information provided by any of our organisations, please follow the procedure described below and ensure the process is completed before commencing any research activities in the area.


The aim of this research protocol is:

  • To ensure that the researcher has a productive and positive time in the field (considering local specificities)
  • To ensure that local research and development initiatives are organised so as to create maximum opportunity for learning and sharing and to allow synergies
  • To ensure that farmers and other inhabitants of the Suid Bokkeveld are treated with respect and that research is conducted only with prior agreement of stakeholders.


  1. Initial contact: Make initial contact by writing a letter or email to stating your interest in the area, your research motivation and what you are interested in.
  2. Submit CV and proposal: Please submit a CV and your research proposal clearly outlining the following:
    1. What you are planning to do (times and specific activities)?
    2. What assistance you are seeking from other organisations and farmers/ residents
    3. How you think your research could benefit the local stakeholders?
    4. How you are intending to share your findings?
    5. How you are going to ensure that the intellectual property rights and other information of local farmers and organisations are protected?
  3. Your proposal will be reviewed by all three organisations.
  4. International students: we require a language test to assess whether you are reasonably fluent in English and/or Afrikaans, and will do this telephonically prior to committing to any collaboration. We will set up an appointment with you.
  5. You will be informed of the decision of the 3 local organisations to approve your research proposal (or not) via email.
  6. If your proposal is accepted we can start to plan the field work and next steps.

For further queries please contact Bettina Koelle , Noel Oettle or Alida Strauss

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