Heiveld Co-operative

Heiveld Co-operative produces the World’s Finest Rooibos Tea

The Heiveld is exclusively producing organic tea of the highest quality. The Rooibos is grown and processed in the traditional way with minimal use of machinery and is harvested carefully by hand.

Heiveld’s Mission:

The Mission of the Heiveld Co-operative is to produce and market the finest organic rooibos tea at fair prices on behalf of our members and thereby create a better life for small-scale farmers and other members of our community.

We will achieve this by establishing long-term trading relationships with fair trading organisations and promoting sustainable production and harvesting of organic and wild rooibos tea.

Local packaging of rooibos tea by members of our community will create job opportunities and will add value to our product.

Explore the Suid Bokkeveld:

The Rietjieshuis Eco Lodge offers tourists the real experience of a breath taking landscape and the culture of small scale farmers in the Suid Bokkeveld. You can learn stay in traditional restio houses, and listen to local stories around the fire under the bright stars of the desert.

The Rietjieshuis also offers traditional workshops in restio architecture, baking bread the traditional way, use of medicinal plants and much more.

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